I have removed both my art and photography WordPress sites, and combined them into a single website under the wildlife.graphics domain hosted on the Fine Art America/Pixels.com platform. While I would prefer to have more flexibility in web design than that platform offers, I joined them for the following reasons:

  • The platform is very artist-friendly, with many well-known artists and photographers on board.
  • The platform offers integrated shopping functions to purchase prints, cards, and other items that utilize the images I upload.
  • All work that I upload to my personal site is also available on their larger site with other artists.
  • They provide an app that integrates with my Facebook page, allowing visitors to shop directly on Facebook.

All art and illustrations that I create will be uploaded there as soon as they are completed. All wildlife and nature photography that passes review by one or more stock photography sites that I belong to will also be uploaded there (the stock review process acts as a check on the quality of the photos and, indeed, the majority of my photos are rejected for one reason or another).

I will post about new art contributions in the blog on this WordPress site. To see all image additions as they happen, please follow me on Facebook or Twitter!

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 09.12.37

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