I completed a new piece today, and it’s immediately available below as prints, cards, etc.


The Common Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina) is a large freshwater turtle found throughout eastern North America. They have a reputation for being combative when confronted out of the water. They also have a long life span, with individuals recorded living to over 100 years of age.


The original pen and ink image was completed in early 2016 (also available), and based upon a photograph I took at Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area in northwest Ohio. The coloration was done digitally, and completed in June 2016.

Color Illustration of Common Snapping Turtle


Available for purchase here: http://wildlife.graphics/featured/common-snapping-turtle-marcus-england.html

Black and White Illustration of Common Snapping Turtle


Available for purchase here: http://wildlife.graphics/featured/snapping-turtle-marcus-england.html

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