I’m not really sure that anybody other than me is breathlessly waiting, but I thought I’d provide an update on the San Gabriel Trails Project, which is my concerted effort to run every trail in the San Gabriel Mountains.

  • The project is on hiatus indefinitely because of significant issues with my right knee that prevent me from running. I have not run in a month (under orders from a physician), and am not really certain when I will run again. I have a follow-up appointment today, and while I feel the situation has improved, my knee is obviously still not 100 percent.
  • As you may have seen on the news (which, since this is the internet and you, dear reader, could be anywhere on earth and may not have), the western end of the San Gabriel Mountains are burning because of the Sand Fire, which by this morning’s estimation has burned over 37,000 acres. I covered some of the area along Mendenhall Ridge, Mendenhall Peak, and the area around Indian Canyon last winter. There are, however, lots of trails there left to cover. Or, there were. Most of that area of the Angeles National Forest has burned now (including the Magic Mountain Wilderness), and is likely to be inaccessible to the public for quite some time. There are still trails that haven’t reopened since the Station Fire in 2009.
Pyrocumulus cloud from the Sand Fire as viewed from my backyard on the afternoon of July 25, 2016.

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