To the best of my knowledge, I am now recovered from my knee injury. I am running differently now. I am training differently now. I will be running on fewer days (replacing running days with mountain biking), with higher mileage volume on days I do run. I have big race plans over the coming year. This also means the San Gabriel Trails Project is back.

There are a few problems as the project makes it return:

  • The Sand Fire and Blue Cut Fire burned substantial acreage in the San Gabriels since I put the project on hold. While I have already run in the burn zones of both areas prior to the fires, there are many trails there that I have not yet covered. Trail access in those areas, as well as the burn zone for the San Gabriel Complex earlier this year, could be problematic. Even when I can get in there, a lot of the former beauty will be gone. Running there won’t be enjoyable from the standpoint of connecting with nature, but will serve my interests as a biologist in post-fire recovery. We’ll see what happens.
  • We are nearing autumn. I am lacking substantial runs in the high country this year. It is difficult for me to get to the high country outside of the weekends because of the drive time. If we manage to have a decent snowfall year this year (fingers crossed as we need it badly), opportunities to run in the high country are limited.

I’m a bit delayed in writing this, but my return to the San Gabriel Trails Project occurred on  August 21 during a circumnavigation of Strawberry Peak with my wife. The run was approximately 16 miles, with lots of runnable terrain and beautiful scenery between a large opening climb and large ending descent. Since some time has passed, I won’t wax poetic about it. I will just close with some photos from that day.

You can find details about the route here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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