After the Rain

[Featured image: a Yellow-rumped Warbler feeds on laurel sumac berries]

I had outdoor plans for early this morning, but upon awaking to the first rain of the fall, I decided I’d rather get some work done on the computer and enjoy my coffee. At around 9am or so, the clouds cleared over Mt. Washington and I decided to walk in Elyria Canyon Park. As expected, birds were active with the first sun of the day. Total species diversity was low, but I had a good opportunity to photograph some of the innumerable Yellow-rumped Warblers wintering in the park in decent light, as I enjoyed that post-rain smell that envelopes you on mornings like these.

eBird list here.

Rain drops on the leaves of a laurel sumac.
Post-rain clouds looking west from Elyria Canyon Park toward Griffith Park.
A Yellow-rumped Warbler enjoys the berries of a laurel sumac.

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