For the most part, my website refresh is complete. I’ve updated my site to a new template. The previous one was a little overly graphic-forward, which doesn’t work well for conveying information for biological consulting services which are my primary means of income. The new template offers a lot of flexibility for organization. I’ve organized this site into four primary self-contained subsites:

  • Biology – this is as the section name states, but is heavily oriented toward my biological consulting services. While the primary web address is, it is also accessible through and As of this evening, I am continuing to work on downloadable “survey summaries” for commonly-requested biological surveys.
  • Images – this section highlights my nature photography and artwork, with links to external sites where you can purchase my work, such as I’ve also added a portfolio of my hand-drawn and digital art.
  • Writing – this section is an archive of my published writing. New writing is not a priority in how I spend my time, but there absolutely will be new published work added in 2017. I have several things in various stages of progress.
  • Birding – As an independent biologist, I am fortunate to have the freedom to spend my time how I choose. It is also the case that consulting is mostly seasonal. This is where the “Birding” section comes in. I used to guide tours professionally, and intend to do so again. I only have the basics of this section of my site established and will be adding more in the coming weeks. This section of the site is also available at (catchy, huh?).

The site also has three additional menu areas for things that fall outside of the above:

  • Belize – goes into my multi-year background in Belizean ornithology, as well as my new role as Chiquibul Bird Program Coordinator.
  • Miscellany – the location for other things I want to document. This is the location for the San Gabriel Trails Project (running every trail in the San Gabriel Mountains) and my documentation for the birdlife of Elyria Canyon Park.
  • Blog – Probably surprising, but the location for this blog.

I’ve also finally done something with my Etsy shop. I only recently discovered they offer sales of digital file downloads, which is something I wanted to offer and spent too much brainpower trying to figure out how to do cost-effectively. I’m offering high-resolution poster-size images of my digital art there for a reasonable price (everything there now is $4.95). I will also be creating some special stuff just for the shop soon…

Mt. Baden-Powell Poster (2016)
This poster of Mount Baden-Powell is available in my Etsy shop as a digital download for $4.95.

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