I spent a good chunk of yesterday running on a new segment of the Angeles Crest 100 course between Red Box and Newcomb Pass. My otherwise wonderful day was again sullied by someone’s trash that had drifted in from far away: this time a mylar balloon, a little old looking, laying on the side of a fire road in a fairly remote area on the back side of the front range of the San Gabriels. Unlike many of the wilderness balloons, I was able to retrieve this one and haul it out for proper disposal. It should go without saying that I wouldn’t have to do that if people didn’t insist on buying these things and releasing them to begin with…

About Wilderness Balloons: I see an unbelievable number of balloons in an unbelievable number of wild places during my forays. They are strung from brush and trees in remote wilderness and hanging from the legs of birds. Mylar balloons frequently cause wildfires when caught in power lines. Balloons are destructive trash and should never be released into the environment. For more information from the US Fish and Wildlife Service about this issue, read here (warning: graphic images of dead wildlife).

Map Showing Location of Today’s Wilderness Balloon

Map of All Wilderness Balloons

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