I’ve been somewhat quiet on here recently, predominantly because I’ve been really busy with consulting work including a nice five day trip up in Oregon. I’ve also been training as much as possible for a 50-mile race that I’m running next weekend. Alas, both my wife and I got sick yesterday, and I’m still suffering a bit today. Consequently, I’m in the house and trying to muddle through doing something productive.

That something productive, today anyway, was the completion of several new digital images that are part of my Sunrise and Sunset Series. While I take the greatest pride in my hand-drawn artwork, folks seem to like these simple digital pieces. In my opinion, they do look nice on a lot of things like pillows and blankets. Click on the images to visit their pages on my art site at wildlife.graphics.

Black-billed Magpie at Sunrise.
Black-billed Magpie at Sunset.
Great Horned Owl_sunrise
Great Horned Owl in a Joshua Tree at Sunrise.
Great Horned Owl_sunset
Great Horned Owl in a Joshua Tree at Sunset.

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