I’m pleased to announce the completion of my next wildlife illustration: Great Horned Owl in a Tamarisk. Clicking the image below will take you to the image’s page in wildlife.graphics where you can purchase the image itself as a print, or printed on a variety of household items like mugs, towels, and t-shirts.

Great_Horned_Owl small

– Class: Aves

– Order: Strigiformes

– Family: Strigidae

– Genus: Bubo

– Species: B. virginianus


This illustration of a Great Horned Owl was completed on June 27, 2017. The drawing is based on a photo I took of a Great Horned Owl perched in a tamarisk tree near a nest site during a raptor nesting survey in Riverside County, California.


The Great Horned Owl is a widespread owl species found from Alaska to southern South America. Over most of its range, it is the nocturnal counterpart (from an environmental niche perspective) of the familiar Red-tailed Hawk. In fact, Great Horned Owls are also known to steal active Red-tailed Hawk nest sites. Their eyes are among the largest, proportionately, of all terrestrial vertebrates. The ear tufts are not actual ears, as the ears are located on the side of the head within the facial discs.


9 inches X 12 inches


Pen and ink on paper (Staedtler pigment liner on Strathmore medium drawing paper)


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