The Rebirth of England|Ecology

In March 2020, I ended nearly four years of working as an independent biologist, artist, and photographer under the name England|Ecology to join Bargas Environmental Consulting. After a great three years there, I determined it was time to work for myself again. This time, however, it is a bit different: England|Ecology is a California Limited Liability Company and there are plans for growth.

England|Ecology, LLC is a forward-thinking company that serves clients with:

  • Integrity – there is nothing more important than trust in a consultant/client relationship.
  • Objectivity – sound science and evidence-based solutions to problems.
  • Quality – every work product exceeds expectations.
  • Efficiency – relentless pursuit of process perfection.

One of my biggest goals in bringing England|Ecology to life is to bring forward novel and cost effective solutions to old problems. Be the first to know when those are announced by providing your email address below. Or, read up a bit on some of my past project experience, or check out some of the services we offer. We are also looking for opportunities to collaborate with other small firms and independents. Interested? Contact us.

In a sense, today feels much like when I am standing at the start line of a 100 mile trail race. The ultimate goal is audacious, but I will get there one step at a time, implementing my plan, and adjusting as needed. I am excited for what the future will bring.

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One response to “The Rebirth of England|Ecology”

  1. Michael J Kuehn Avatar
    Michael J Kuehn

    Exciting stuff, Marcus! I look forward to following the development of England|Ecology, and I’m sure you’ll do great.

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