Anna’s Hummingbird on its Nest

On Monday, March 27 I was performing a general biological survey for a proposed project. Other than looking for raptor and corvid nests that may be reused in the future I was not actively performing a nesting bird survey as any project that might impact them was far into the future. Nevertheless, it was clear some of the 22 bird species observed on the site were nesting. As I was poking around in the tall grass looking for other plants to add to the plant list, a hummingbird flew up to about foot from my face and checked me out. It then flew into a nearby oak where I found it had a nest, resulting in the image below.

I had initially thought this bird was an Allen’s Hummingbird, as both Allen’s and Anna’s were present, males of each were on area patrol, and I had observed females of both. On closer examination here, it is clear by the lack of any hint of rufous coloration and the relative size of the bill this bird is an Anna’s. Both are common breeding species in the area.

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