Resumes Needed for On-Call Biologists

Overview of England|Ecology

England|Ecology, LLC is a small high-quality biological consulting services provider based in Los Angeles. We are a forward-thinking company that serves clients with:

  • Integrity – there is nothing more important than trust in a consultant/client relationship.
  • Objectivity – sound science and evidence-based solutions to problems.
  • Quality – every work product exceeds expectations.
  • Efficiency – relentless pursuit of process perfection.

The Need for Biologists

2023 is year 1 of operating as an LLC with our business plan anticipating 2024 (year 2) as the first year where on-call assistance by skilled biologists would be needed. We have, however, exceeded our goals, and have had to turn down several fast turn-around contract opportunities due to not having support staff at the ready. With that in mind, we are looking for skilled biologists primarily located in Southern California who are interested in potential on-call work.

There is not expected to be an immediate hire from this advertisement. The intent is to be able to mobilize quickly for future opportunities. The ideal candidate:

  • Has at least two years of experience, preferably as a consultant, but other types of biological field experience may substitute.
  • Does not have a need for immediate employment and provision of work.

Biologists who work on-call for other firms to keep their schedules full are encouraged to apply.

Recent college graduates or those soon to be graduating who have extensive practical field experience (i.e., field schools/research stations, volunteer programs, internships, etc.) are also welcome to submit resumes for consideration.

Why Work for England|Ecology?

The plan for England|Ecology is to remain small, and although with continued growth we expect to offer a handful of full-time positions in the future, it is unlikely that England|Ecology will be able to provide significant career pathways. You would work for England|Ecology to achieve the following:

  • Be mentored by an experienced and respected biological consultant in Southern California.
  • Gain valuable experience to enhance your career.
  • Work in an atmosphere of professionalism and mutual respect.

Your Qualifications

For consideration you should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • An education with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Biology or other life sciences field. Experienced consultants/naturalists without a degree will be considered.
  • Excellent wildlife (necessary) and plant identification skills.
  • Working knowledge of habitat classification and ecosystem functions, especially in California.
  • Working knowledge of special status classifications for biological resources at the state and federal level.
  • Comfort with using smart phone applications for field data collection.
  • A current and valid driver’s license.
  • Ability and willingness to travel to a location, walk and conduct fieldwork for long hours, sometimes in inclement weather and in rugged terrain, and an ability to carry equipment and supplies weighing up to 40 pounds.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.

Additional desirable qualifications include:

  • Experience with jurisdictional delineations.
  • Detailed knowledge of CEQA/NEPA/FESA and other regulations related to biological consulting work.
  • Demonstrated ability to write consulting documents at a high level with minimal need for substantive editing.
  • High level experience with geodatabases and geospatial applications, especially QGIS and PostGIS.
  • Demonstrated experience with statistics and rigorous study design.

What You May Be Asked To Do

At the outset, expected job responsibilities are most likely to include general biological surveys and basic reporting, most of which would be done through one or more smart phone applications. Work is most likely to be in Southern California, but could be anywhere in California or the adjacent states of Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. As an on-call biologist, you have the right of refusal for work offered to you.

What You Will Earn

Hourly pay will be commensurate with experience, ranging from $25 to $70 per hour. No additional benefits will be provided for on-call positions except as required by California law.

How to Apply

Submit a PDF of your resume via the on-line form located here.

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