Red-tailed Hawk ( Buteo jamaicensis ) image in progress on my drafting table.

Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) image in progress on my drafting table.

My lifelong career as a biologist and naturalist informs the work I do as an artist and illustrator. I am currently based in southern California, but have worked and traveled throughout much of the Americas. Each illustration is as much about my interest in studying the subject in detail as it is about producing a piece of art. To that end, each illustration presented on this site also provides a summary of the subject's natural history information where applicable.


While I can work with a variety of real-world and digital media, most of my work is created in two main styles:

  • Pen-and-ink with digital color: this is as it sounds, where an original hand-drawn art piece is produced with pen-and-ink on paper. This image is scanned at a high resolution for prints, and can be purchased as is. Through a system of digital layering, I also create various digitally "painted" versions of the original pen-and-ink piece, usually including a version that serves as a natural history poster for the species. 
  • Vector: vector images are created using computer software. A vector file contains no pixels, therefore it can be resized infinitely. Vector images are better suited for certain applications (especially such things as t-shirts) and are often preferred for logos and magazine illustrations. I create vector illustrations using Affinity Designer software. 

Reference Image Sources

I strongly prefer that each image be mine from beginning to end. Most of my reference materials are my own photographs, often taken while I am in the field doing my work as a biologist. My current primary camera is a Nikon P900.

I am willing to discuss using reference images from other photographers, particularly if it is needed for a commission. I do require written permission from the photographer to use their work as a reference.