Lewis's Woodpecker and Other Things


[Featured image: Lewis's Woodpecker at Bette Davis Picnic Area, Burbank, Los Angeles County on October 26, 2016]

As today was not a running day, I decided to make it a birding day. There was a report on the LaCoBirds listserv yesterday of a Lewis's Woodpecker at Bette Davis Picnic Area near Griffith Park. As that park is not far from where I live, you don't see Lewis's Woodpeckers that often here, and I have never photographed a Lewis's Woodpecker, I decided to spend some time this morning trying to look for it. As you can see in the featured image, I succeeded.

I've never stopped at that park before. I had a pretty decent morning with 34 species (eBird list here), including a Merlin, which isn't a rarity but also something you don't see every day. I may have to make this park a regular stop in the future.