Wilderness Balloons – Chapter 7 - El Prieto Pollution


For whatever reason, it's been awhile since I've found a wilderness balloon. They started blooming again this weekend with two finds in two different areas. This one, on Friday, was tucked against the sides of the canyon along El Prieto Trail in the Angeles National Forest. It is made of mylar and appeared to have been there quite awhile. I was unable to retrieve it.

About Wilderness Balloons: I see an unbelievable number of balloons in an unbelievable number of wild places during my forays. They are strung from brush and trees in remote wilderness and hanging from the legs of birds. Mylar balloons frequently cause wildfires when caught in power lines. Balloons are destructive trash and should never be released into the environment. For more information from the US Fish and Wildlife Service about this issue, read here (warning: graphic images of dead wildlife).

Map of All Wilderness Balloons