I offer advanced geospatial consulting services based primarily on open source data management and mapping platforms. As noted in many places on my website, I am also a visual artist and can develop maps with beautiful cartography. While my original background in GIS was based on ArcGIS, I now work with the following platforms and can do so with few interoperability issues with ArcGIS-based clients:

  • Desktop mapping: QGIS
  • Vector Data Management: PostGIS (an enterprise level geospatial database system) and Spatialite.
  • Raster Data Management: QGIS and GRASS.

I have extensive experience with a variety of on-line mapping platforms, including the Google Maps API and OpenLayers. I can assist with scripting and automating for large projects and repetitive tasks. I also have experience consulting on GIS for subjects other than biology.

Need assistance on improving the GIS capabilities of your business? Contact me using the form at the bottom of the linked page.

Blog Posts About GIS & Cartography

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