Sketches & Unfinished Drawings


Like most artists, I have quite a few drawings in various states of incompletion. Some of these are really old, and almost make interesting art pieces in and of themselves. Regardless, they are complete enough to serve as representative examples of my work. This page shows but a few of them.


Collared Ara├žari

This was a final pen-and-ink piece I did for the Lamanai Outpost Lodge in Belize sometime between 1998 and 2000. I assume they have the original. All I have is this low-quality scan.

Burrowing Owls.jpg

Burrowing Owl Pair

This was a quick sketch in graphite from 2004.

Common Eider.jpg

Common Eider

This was a pen-and-ink piece I completed in 1997. I do not know the whereabouts of the original, but I think it was sold at an auction. All I have is an old low-quality scan.

Coopers Hawk.jpg

Cooper's Hawk

This is an incomplete graphite sketch. It was a study of the feathering of a Cooper's Hawk. The year of the drawing is unknown.

Eastern Screech-Owl.JPG

Eastern Screech-Owl

This was a graphite and watercolor drawing completed in 2003. It was sold in Columbus, Ohio. All I have is a low-quality scan.

Harpy Eagle.jpg

Harpy Eagle

This is an unfinished pen-and-ink piece (with graphite sketch) I began in 2004 (maybe?). It was based on my own photos that I took of a Harpy Eagle in Brazil in 2003 while leading a birding tour. I think I stopped working on it because I wasn't happy with the resolution of the reference photos I took for getting the detail I wanted in the feathering.


Long-eared Owl.JPG

Long-eared Owl

This was a graphite and watercolor piece completed in 2003 that was for sale in the Wild Birds Unlimited store in Columbus, Ohio. I believe it is still in the possession of the store owners.