The Chiquibul

The Chiquibul region in Belize is home to the largest contiguous tract of rainforest left in Central America, as well as a massive cave system. I have recently signed an agreement with Friends for Conservation and Development to become the Chiquibul Bird Program Coordinator. This section of my website will serve as an access point for information about birds and birding in the Chiquibul National Forest and Las Cuevas Research Station as I develop and organize materials.


View the eBird profile page for Las Cuevas Research Station.


Avian Biology Publications

[Featured image: me birding near Las Cuevas Research Station, Belize, in April 2003]

The following is an archive of avian biology publications based on work conducted in or applicable to the Chiquibul National Forest. Links to the actual documents are provided where the document was publicly-available.

Miller, Bruce W. and Carolyn M. Miller. 1992. Distributional notes and new species records for birds in Belize. Occasional Papers of the Belize Natural History Society 1(2): 6-25. Link


I am collecting publicly-available GIS data related to the biology of the Chiquibul Forest, as well as standard base map layers. While my primary storage of these data is in a Spatialite database using QGIS desktop software, I’ve also placed these data in a Google Map which is viewable below. There is a button on the map to expand it to full screen.

In addition to the layers below, I also have Jan Meerman’s Ecosystems data layer. That layer is not included on the Google Map as it exceeds Google’s per-layer size limit of 5MB.

Layer Metadata

Below are PDFs of the original XML metadata files for the layers in the map. The XML files are not included as WordPress (which runs this website) doesn’t allow XML.