Biological & Geospatial Consulting Services

Based in Southern California. Working across the West and abroad.

Conducting fieldwork at Harris Beach State Park as part of the development of a wildlife management plan for the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department and in northern Nevada for the Owyhee Roads Fuelbreak Project for the United States Bureau of Land Management.

Marcus C. England is a lifelong naturalist with a particular interest in avian ecology and more than 20 years of experience as a consulting biologist. England|Ecology, LLC is a forward-thinking company that serves clients with:

  • Integrity – there is nothing more important than trust in a consultant/client relationship.
  • Objectivity – sound science and evidence-based solutions to problems.
  • Quality – every work product exceeds expectations.
  • Efficiency – relentless pursuit of process perfection.

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Key Projects & Services

  • Mt. Washington & Los Angeles Biological Studies

    England|Ecology Principal Marcus C. England has been a resident of Mt. Washington for 20 years and boasts a lifetime yard…

    Read more: Mt. Washington & Los Angeles Biological Studies
  • Wildlife Management Plans

    England|Ecology has authored numerous wildlife assessments and management plans for for-profit companies, agencies, and other organizations in California and other…

    Read more: Wildlife Management Plans
  • Geospatial Services

    England|Ecology has long-recognized the critical importance of spatial data to documenting biological resources, even prior to the widespread use of…

    Read more: Geospatial Services
  • Biological Resources Assessments

    One of England|Ecology’s core strengths is authorship and management of complex technical documents such as biological resources assessments in support…

    Read more: Biological Resources Assessments
  • Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys

    England|Ecology has permits (where required) and experience conducting surveys for the following species listed as threatened or endangered under the…

    Read more: Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys

Fun Stuff

Cuba – Day 5 – Ciénaga de Zapata y Paella

I awoke on day 5 in Cuba expecting that day would be the highlight of the trip and I was not disappointed. Once again we departed under the cover of darkness, our bus weaving its way through difficult turns in narrow one-lane city streets. We eventually got out of town and realized as the sun…

Cuba – Day 4 – Un Combate Decisivo Para la Victoria

We boarded the bus in the dark on day 4 excited about the list of target birds for the day. From Playa Larga we headed south along the coast of Bahía de los Cochinos to Playa Girón, then east to Refugio de Fauna de Bermeja. There we picked up two additional guides and headed into…

The Rebirth of England|Ecology

In March 2020, I ended nearly four years of working as an independent biologist, artist, and photographer under the name England|Ecology to join Bargas Environmental Consulting. After a great three years there, I determined it was time to work for myself again. This time, however, it is a bit different: England|Ecology is a California Limited…

Cuba – Day 3 – Bay of Pigs

Bahía de los Cochinos: Most Americans know it as Bay of Pigs, a place name that is usually followed by the word “invasion”, due to a failed 1961 landing operation that while manned by Cuban exiles, was organized and financed by the Central Intelligence Agency in an attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro. It is both…

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