Biological & Geospatial Consulting Services

Based in Southern California. Working across the West and abroad.

Conducting fieldwork at Harris Beach State Park as part of the development of a wildlife management plan for the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department and in northern Nevada for the Owyhee Roads Fuelbreak Project for the United States Bureau of Land Management.

Marcus C. England is a lifelong naturalist with a particular interest in avian ecology and more than 20 years of experience as a consulting biologist. England|Ecology, LLC is a forward-thinking company that serves clients with:

  • Integrity – there is nothing more important than trust in a consultant/client relationship.
  • Objectivity – sound science and evidence-based solutions to problems.
  • Quality – every work product exceeds expectations.
  • Efficiency – relentless pursuit of process perfection.

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Key Projects & Services

  • Mt. Washington & Los Angeles Biological Studies

    England|Ecology Principal Marcus C. England has been a resident of Mt. Washington for 20 years and boasts a lifetime yard…

    Read more: Mt. Washington & Los Angeles Biological Studies
  • Wildlife Management Plans

    England|Ecology has authored numerous wildlife assessments and management plans for for-profit companies, agencies, and other organizations in California and other…

    Read more: Wildlife Management Plans
  • Geospatial Services

    England|Ecology has long-recognized the critical importance of spatial data to documenting biological resources, even prior to the widespread use of…

    Read more: Geospatial Services
  • Biological Resources Assessments

    One of England|Ecology’s core strengths is authorship and management of complex technical documents such as biological resources assessments in support…

    Read more: Biological Resources Assessments
  • Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys

    England|Ecology has permits (where required) and experience conducting surveys for the following species listed as threatened or endangered under the…

    Read more: Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys

Fun Stuff

Discovering New Yard Birds at Night

A serious interest of mine is the use of autonomous recording units (ARU) to document bat (not covered here) and bird fauna. It was about a month ago that I received my first ARU. I deployed it in my front yard for 24 hours, but then outside of a few quick manual checks of the…

Cuba – The End

Day 8 – Hasta la Victoria Siempre We assembled early on January 12 to board the bus for the long drive to Havana. As for prior driving days, we enjoyed getting to view a broad swath of the Cuban countryside. First, however, we had to get to the Cuban mainland and getting there required a…

Cuba – Day 7 – Murciélagos de Discoteca

I woke up on January 11 feeling well-rested, which may have been because of the air conditioning and the plushest bed I’d slept in since home. That was a good thing because with this many consecutive days of non-stop birding I was getting a bit tired, yet feeling a bit rejuvenated by being close to…

Anna’s Hummingbird on its Nest

On Monday, March 27 I was performing a general biological survey for a proposed project. Other than looking for raptor and corvid nests that may be reused in the future I was not actively performing a nesting bird survey as any project that might impact them was far into the future. Nevertheless, it was clear…

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