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I am a Highly Experienced Biologist and Scientific Illustrator Based in Southern California

I am a senior-level biological consultant available for work throughout the western hemisphere. Find out more about my background and services:


My experience as a biologist informs my work as a scientific illustrator. I specialize in highly-detailed pen-and-ink renderings of wildlife. View and purchase my work:


Background image: photo from my April 2017 work at Smith Rock State Park in Oregon, after which I authored a 104-page wildlife assessment as part of the park’s management plan update process.


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A Great Year

2017 was an exciting year that included completion of a wildlife assessment for Smith Rock State Park in Oregon and a Pygmy Rabbit survey on a large area of BLM-managed lands in northern Nevada.

Background image: a member of my survey team looks out over the on-coming terrain during the Pygmy Rabbit survey in Humboldt County, Nevada, September 2017.