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Project History


Background image: Snow falls in the distance during the Pygmy Rabbit survey in Humboldt County, Nevada, October 2017.

Pygmy Rabbit - snow.JPG

I have worked as a consultant since June 2003, and managed projects at a high level since 2005. I have worked on hundreds of projects in a wide array of industries, of many different sizes, and with countless different biological resource “issues” to address. Assembling a detailed past work history over such a long time period is difficult, but I have endeavored to do so here. Where possible, I have obtained copies of documents that I have written (or been primary author of) that are part of the public record and made them available here so that potential clients can view the detail that I put into my reports.

Note: This list is not complete. Information from my former employment at NRC and BBI has been cobbled together from various sources. Most of my NRC projects are lacking entirely. Map and tabular data are embedded from Google Fusion Tables.

Project Map

Project Table