Running Charlton Flats to Three Points

My first run of greater than twenty miles in length since the HURT 100 hurt way more than I’d like it to. The plan was to run the Angeles Crest 100 route from Charlton Flats to Three Points and back. Things didn’t entirely go as planned.

Despite the ultimate treachery of this run, I was reminded again how beautiful the Hillyer area is despite being the site of two years’ worth of broken dreams. As shown in the featured image, the area features giant boulders galore, with what are often twisted and gnarled trees popping up between them.

After two nights of subpar sleep, I felt pretty horrible when I got to Rosenita Saddle (mile 7.5 for me and site of the Hillyer Aid Station during the Angeles Crest 100). I fought the urge to turn around for a 15 mile day. I then made a huge mistake and ran DOWNhill following the original Angeles Crest 100 course as I’ve always run it, and didn’t realize the error of my ways until about a quarter mile past the Pacifico road (the course was rerouted because of permit issues last year). Curse words were shouted. I REALLY wanted to end it then. I slogged my way back up the hill and fought the urge to turn right at Rosenita and head back to my Jeep. I soldiered on. I checked my GPS (with the new course on it) right before Bandido Camp and thought it confirmed I go straight up the road. Checked it half mile past Bandido and found out I had to go back. My second off-course error of the day.

I made it to Three Points, eventually, and sat for awhile to take in some calories and hydration, fighting the urge to ask returning hikers for a ride to Charlton. I felt pretty bad physically and wasn’t in a good head space. Nevertheless, I went on. The remainder of the run was painful, but uneventful, except for catching a broken branch from a fallen tree below my eye, knocking my sunglasses off and drawing blood. I have a knot there now. It looks like I got into a fight.

I was glad when I was done, and felt accomplished for 23.5 miles. I think this is the most I’ve had to draw on some kind of fortitude to get a run of this distance done.

This run took me to over 500 miles for the San Gabriel Trails Project. You can see the route here:

Rains brought the first flowing water I have ever seen near Horse Flats.


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